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5 Best Free Server Hosting Sites In 2019 With Pros And Cons

5 Best Free Server Hosting Sites In 2019

Free server hosting is always a better idea for starting a blog or website. So free server hostings are very popular nowadays. By using free server hosting you can reduce your expenses to run a blog or website. 

Before selecting a free server hosting, you should consider some key factors like disk space or storage capacity, server speed, and bandwidth. Better server hosting will help the blog to grow quickly and rapidly.

You also need to learn to manage your server by using free web hosting. You can choose your free web hosting plan based on the features or specifications you need.

5 Best Free Server Hosting Sites In 2019
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Free Minecraft server hosting:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created in 2011. This game is all about building a variety of different blocks with lots of creativity. People can play Minecraft game through direct game-to-game multiplayer. Players in a single world can interact with each other.

To play game-to-game multiplayer, players need to have their own servers as well as free Minecraft server hosting. By using these free Minecraft server hosting players can connect to another player's game. So free server hosting for Minecraft is essential to play the multiplayer mode game.

So you have to select the best free server hosting Minecraft 24/7 to paly your own game and also free website hosting Minecraft for personal usages.

I am going to provide the top 3 Minecraft servers hosting. You can select any free server hosting Minecraft 24/7 from them without giving your credit card details because they are free of cost.

Top 3 free Minecraft server hosting:


This is one of the best Minecraft hosting providers and it is available for some other games like Grand Theft Auto(GTA), Counterstrike. This free server hosting for Minecraft is completely free and you need not pay any money.

Serveromat is very popular in Brazil country. This server is a private server and it will provide 2GB RAM.

Specifications of Serveromat:

  • Players - 8-12 
  • Plugins - 10
  • RAM - 1 GB 
  • SSD storage - 5GB
  • Private server

Server Pro:

Server Pro is the free Minecraft hosting provider that is available among all free Minecraft servers hosting. It has an effective control panel.

New players can easily play with limited players and can learn new shots. It is very useful to polish game skills and improves your gaming experience. Server Pro has enough resources to start using it. 

Specifications of Server Pro:

  • Players - 12 
  • Plugins - 10
  • RAM - 512 MB
  • SSD storage - 5GB


This will be the forever free Minecraft hosting provider that you can get on the internet. This is completely free and you no need to pay any money for using it. It will provide a lot of features and functions for new players. 

Specifications of Aternos:

  • Players - 8-20
  • Plugins - No info
  • RAM - No info
  • SSD storage - No info

These are the top 3 free Minecraft game servers available in 2019. You can choose the best one based on your desired specifications and free hosting plan.

Top 5 free server web hosting in 2019:

I am going to list down the best free server hosting for website or free server hosting websites based on their pros and cons. You can use consider them also for free SQL server database hosting.


It is one of the oldest and best available free server hosting websites for blogging. Blogger is completely free of cost and you can get free domain name also ending with blogspot.com. It is user-friendly and anybody can use it without any prior knowledge.

Blogger provides some good themes, gadgets, and widgets for its users. Anybody can signup on a blogger and enter the domain name they want to register.


  • It provides a free subdomain.
  • Provides free SSL.
  • Very simple to use because of its user-friendly interface.
  • No security issues.
  • Provides good amount of theme sand widgets.


  • No proper customer support.
  • It is difficult to perform SEO techniques on blogger because of limited features and plugins.

It is one of the best and popular free server web hosting. It is available for both free and paid versions. WordPress provides all basic features that any blogger should want to start a blog. You can get access by just signing up at WordPress.org.


  • It gives a boost to SEO because it provides meta tags and meta descriptions.
  • It provides mobile-friendly themes that will make a website load easily on mobile or tablets. 
  • Good proper customer support.


  • Security issues exist.
  • Version updates are not good compared to previous versions.


It is also one of the best free server hosting sites with sufficient features. X10Hosting provides stable and high performance.

X10Hosting also provides free eCommerce tools like Magento and also provides more than 150 themes and also a free email account. It is a better hosting platform for hosting a blog. It also works with the use of the latest versions like PHP, MySQL.


  • User-friendly platform and very easy to use.
  • It provides stable performance.


  • No proper customer support.

Joomla is very similar to WordPress and it has all sufficient features to run a blog or website. It has a user-friendly interface which makes users very easy to sue it.

Joomla also has an editor like Microsoft word and helps to change settings like color, size, font, tables, and background.


  • It provides eCommerce tools.
  • It provides a lot of plugins and extensions.


  • Bit of difficulty in designing so need to hire developers.


Wix is one of the best free server hosting for websites that offers free features. In Wix back-end will be managed by officials and front-end needs to be managed by us. It provides simple drag and drops options for designing blogs.


  • Very simple to use because of its user-friendly interface and drag and drop options.
  • Proper customer support.


  • No option to export data from the Wix platform.

These are some of the top and best free server hosting websites based on their pros and cons which are offering free hosting. You can also try some other free server hosting websites like Weebly, Medium for SQL server hosting and SQL server databases and also Microsoft SQL server based on SQL databases.

What are the best free web hosting services?

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • X10Hosting
  • Medium

Is InfinityFree.net good and safe for web hosting?

Yes obviously, InfinityFree.net is good and safe for web hosting because it provides the best hosting services and security and malware issues are also very less.

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