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Top 10 Best Companies For Online Bike Insurance Renewal In India

Online Insurance Renewal For Bike

Generally, you can say that online bike insurance as a legal contract between the owner of the bike and the two-wheeler insurance company. It stands as an agreement between both the owner of the bike and the two-wheeler insurance company.

Insurance is the way to protect financially yourself from financial issues and major losses like thefts, accidents, and calamities. Insurance is mandatory for almost all vehicles in India. So you need to do online insurance renewal for a bike that you want to ride. Generally, in India, it is compulsory to buy at least a third-party liability policy to ride a bike illegally otherwise you will be at risk to face unexpected penalties.

Motor bike insurance renewal online is mandatory for those people who are employees and daily go for the office on the bike. Online bike insurance renewal comes under the general insurance category in India. According to Act, 1988, online bike insurance is compulsory in India. The main goal of this online bike insurance policies is to protect the owner of the two-wheeler vehicle from any natural calamities like accidents or any unforeseen incidents.

Online insurance renewal for bike policies applies for all types of two-wheeled vehicles like bike, scooter, scooty based on any personal or commercial usage. Insurance Companies that do online insurance renewal for the bike are all registered under IRDAI(Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) in India. So you can do motor bike insurance renewal online from any IRDA reg companies.

Online Bike Insurance Renewal
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Types of online bike insurance renewal policies:

Third-party liability policy: It is mandatory in India according to law. Third-party liability policy only covers the loss or damage caused by the insured bike to the third party and also it provides personal accident cover for two-wheeler owner.

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy: For the complete safety or protection of your bike you need to select comprehensive policy because it provides complete financial protection against bike own damages as well as third party damages caused due to insured vehicle. Another main benefit of opting a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy is if your bike gets stolen then you no need to worry because comprehensive policy itself covers the bike theft also.

Third-party liability policy (or) Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

If you are in confusion to buy whether third-party liability policy or comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, then my suggestion is to purchase comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy because it is more safe and secure and will also protect you from risks and penalties. Buy not only buying comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy simply does not help you but also you need to renew it on time to protect yourself.

Online bike insurance renewal:

Online bike insurance renewal is nothing renewing your insurance by paying the same amount whatever you paid while buying the same insurance. Renewing online bike insurance has so many benefits like discounts and coupon codes that you get to avail. The process for online insurance renewal for the bike is pretty simple and handy to do.

While renewing online motor bike insurance, you can select for long term insurance plan to get exclusive coverage offers at very low premium rates. I have a suggestion for you to consider before doing online bike insurance renewal, you have to compare various bike renewal policies by considering and evaluating risk factors terms conditions and exclusions.

Steps to follow to complete online bike insurance renewal:

  • First of all, login to the website of your insurer or visit GIBL.IN which is insurance aggregator for instant online bike insurance renewal.
  • Then enter your personal records like your personal details, previous policy number and vehicle details for online bike insurance renewal.
  • After you complete filling up your details, you will be asked for online payment for the premium amount to complete your online bike insurance renewal.
  • Then you have to select your desired payment method from available payment methods like a credit card, debit card, net banking to pay the premium amount.
  • You will get a soft copy of your online bike insurance policy renewal to your registered email id for future reference.
  • Finally, your online bike insurance renewal is completed and you have to save bike insurance renewal documents for future reference.

Watch video to know how to do Online Bike Insurance Renewal In India

Top 10 best companies for online bike Insurance renewal in India

  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal United India 
  • Online bike insurance renewal IFFCO Tokio
  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal ICICI Lombard
  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal Bajaj Allianz
  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal New India assurance
  • Online bike insurance renewal National Insurance
  • Oriental insurance renewal for bike online
  • Online bike insurance renewal Reliance
  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal DHFL
  • Online two-wheeler insurance renewal HDFC Ergo

What various companies for online bike insurance renewal offer?

Online two-wheeler insurance renewal IFFCO Tokio:

IFFCO Tokio provides financial cover against vehicle physical damage, vehicle theft, and third-party liability through their online bike insurance policy. IFFCO Tokio also provides various insurance packages based on your requirements. They also offer NCB of up to 50% on online bike insurance renewal policy along with 24x7 settlement assistance.

Bajaj Allianz online bike insurance renewal:

Bajaj Allianz insurance policy company has been formed as a joint company between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. Bajaj Allianz insurance was registered under IRDA in 2001. It covers any damage occurred to natural calamity. Bike insurance renewal online Bajaj also covers third-party liability and personal accidents. 

You can complete your online insurance renewal for bike Bajaj Allianz on their website.

Online bike insurance renewal ICICI Lombard:

ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. also known as ICICI Lombard general insurance company with CIN L67200MH2000PLC129408 provides financial covers against vehicle damages due to man-made calamities, vehicle damages due to natural calamities, personal accident cover and third-party legal liability service. This information is only an indication of the cover offered. For more details, you can visit a branch.

The main branch is located in Mumbai and the address of the branch is ICICI Lombard house 414 veer Savarkar marg, Mumbai.

Online bike insurance renewal United India:

Unite India insurance company was established on 18th, February 1938 and their company business was primarily nationalized in India in 1972. It offers geographical area extensions just under Rs.500. Unite India insurance company covers personal accidents, online facility, guaranteed compensation, third party cover, and geographical area extension.

Online bike insurance renewal New India assurance:

New India assurance company is one of the well-known insurance company in India. The head office is located in Mumbai and it exists over 28 countries around the globe. New India assurance company bagged so many awards for its exceptional services towards customers. It covers easy online purchases, third-party bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance, accidents, damage due to natural calamities, theft and burglary.

National insurance online bike policy renewal:

The national insurance company is one of the best, largest and oldest insurance company in India. National insurance renewal for bike online provides comprehensive and tailor-made plans. National insurance online bike policy renewal covers terrorist act, burglary, theft, housebreaking, malicious act, natural calamities, riot, and strike.

Online bike insurance renewal Reliance:

Reliance insurance company is part of Reliance Capital Ltd. which is one of the leading company in the insurance business and it is a pioneer in the insurance business. Online two-wheeler insurance renewal Reliance covers third-party liability cover, personal accidents, damage, and theft.

Oriental insurance renewal for bike online:

Oriental insurance company Ltd., surveyor management policy. All rights reserved insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. It was registered under IRDA reg. NO. 556 site best viewed in Chrome 43.0 Mozila 38.0 ana IE 11.0 and above 1280 x 800. 

It mainly covers loss or damage due to accidents, burglary, theft, riot, strike and malicious act. The Oriental insurance company also covers natural calamities like fire, explosion, self-ignition, typhoon, earthquake, flood, frost, hurricane, cyclone, landslide, rockslide, hailstorm, and tempest.

5 benefits of online bike insurance renewal:

1. Stay well insured: 

If you fail to renew your online bike insurance on time then you have to face future risks or losses that caused due to unfortunate or unwanted events that occurred due to your bike. A comprehensive policy covers your bike if it gets damaged due to natural calamities. So you better to renew your online bike insurance to stay well insured and to continue evaluating bike insurance policy coverage.

2. No break-in policy advantage:

If you fail to do renew your online bike insurance renewal on time and then you renew if after a considerable period after it expires then your bike insurance policy will be in a break-in policy state. Then insurance wants to check and inspect your bike so this will result in increasing your insurance premium amount.

3. Keep NCB(No Claim Bonus) active:

NCB is an incremental policy that your insurance company offers while you are renewing your insurance policy. No Claim Bonus will be over if you fail to renew your bike insurance policy before 90 days from the expiry date. 90 days is duration available for you to keep you NCB active.

4. The right time to review:

Reviewing your online bike insurance policy before one month of its expiry date is the best idea because you have a chance to check for extra options like pillion rider cover and roadside assistance while renewing. These extra options will strengthen your insurance premium cover by extending its coverage. You may also have the chance to change your insurance provider while renewing you online bike insurance policy

5. Be a law-abiding citizen:

According to law, you have to do online insurance renewal for the bike on time to be a law, obedient citizen. If you fail to renew your online bike insurance on time then there are chances that you may be imprisoned for driving a bike without a valid insurance policy.

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