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The Story Of Dronacharya And Dronacharya Death In Mahabharata

Who is Dronacharya: Drona, this name played an important and key role in Mahabharata. Dronacharya in Mahabharata was along with both Pandavas and Kauravas from their childhoods. Drona was the guru of Kauravas and Pandavas in training warfare and archery. Guru Dronacharya found the strengths and warfare abilities of Arjuna were best among remaining all the Pandavas and Kauravas so Drona wanted to train Arjuna with the best warfare and archery skills and wanted to make Arjuna as the best warrior. So Dronacharya loved Arjuna more among remaining all students.

Who is the father of Dronacharya:

Dronacharya father name was Rishi Bharadwaj. Dronacharya Mahabharat was born in a dramatic and most innovative way in epic Mahabharatha.

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The birth story of Dronacharya:

According to Adhi Parva in Mahabharata, Drona was not born in a womb of a woman but he was born in Dronam nothing but a pot made up of sand. He was called as Drona because he was born from Dronam.

The birth story of Drona was like this, One day Rishi Bharadwaja saw one beautiful apsara named Ghritachi while he was doing his ablutions in river Ganga. Bharadwaja was attracted highly by the Ghritachi beauty and he himself emitted his semen. Drona collected all his sperm in a pot and stored it in his ashram. After a few days, Dronacharya Mahabharat was born from that pot. That's why Drona in Mahabharata has no mother.

Dronacharya wife was Kripi, who was the sister of guru Kripacharya. Dronacharya son name was Ashwatthama. Ashwathama in Mahabharat later became a great warrior like his father Drona.

How Mahabharat Dronacharya deceived Ekalavaya:

As we know from the beginning only that Arjuna was the favorite student of Guru Drona and Drona wanted to make Arjuna only as of the best warrior in the world and he also promised to Arjuna that he cannot reveal the mighty warfare secrets to anyone except Arjuna.

One day a Nishada prince named Ekalavya approached Guru Dronacharya and requested him to teach him archery skills but Drona refused to do so because Ekalavya was not Kshatriya. Eklavya disappointed and felt sad and went away from there into the forest but the Ekalavya's desire to learn warfare skills did not die. Eklavya thought one plan to learn archery and warfare skills. Ekalavya made the statue of Drona and put it in front of him and he himself started learning all archery skills and became an as good warrior.

One day when all Pandavas and Kauravas were taking training at Drona's ashram. Suddenly a dog came to that place. By seeing that dog, all Pandavas and Kauravas were with full of surprise and astonishment because that dog's mouth tied with full of arrows in a way that dog cannot open its mouth. It was a great act that only warfare experts can do it. So all Pandavas and Kauravas searching for that warrior, finally they found Ekalavya as that warrior. They asked Ekalavaya how he learned that much war skills and who was his guru. Ekalavya replied as "Guru Dronacharya". After listening to this word from Ekalavya, Arjuna was with full of anger and astonishment because Drona promised to him that he cannot reveal this type of great war skills to anyone. So Arjuna went to Drona and asked him about the entire situation. Drona did not know what happened there. So both Arjuna and Drona went to Ekalavya.

Dronacharya asked Eklavya how he learned his warfare skills. Then Ekalavya explained that he learned them with the help of statue of Drona. Drona was pleased with Ekalavya but both Dronacharya and Arjun thought if Ekalavya continues to learn those skills then surely one day he can become better warrior than Arjuna. So cunning Drona came up with one plan to stop Ekalavya from learning archery skills. Drona asked Ekalavya fro Guru-Dakshina because Ekalavya was treating him as his guru then Ekalavya replied to Drona like this, "I can give you anything that you ask, please ask Guru Drona". Drona asked Eklavya's right thumb as Guru-Dakshina. Ekalavya immediately cut his right thumb and offered it to Dronacharya. Both Dronacharya and Arjun were happy due to this act because Ekalavya cannot shoot an arrow without the help of right thumb so Arjuna will remain as the best warrior.

This is all about the story of Dronacharya and Eklavya and the cunningness of Dronacharya.

Drona's role in Kurukshetra war and Abhimanyu's death:

Dronacharya was one of the best and finest warrior among all the warriors participated from Kauravas side in Kurukshetra war. According to Drona Parva, Guru Dronacharya fought from Kauravas side because he was the Kuru guru for the Hastinapura dynasty and also for the sake of Duryodhana. Drona was also one of the warriors who were responsible for the death of Abhimanyu because Dronahcarya made the Chakravyuha on the 13th day of the Kurukshetra war which caused the Abhimanyu death because it was the critical and difficult battle formation and strategy to deal and break it. Abhimanyu only knows how to enter the Chakravyuha but did not know how to come back from it. Then all Kaurava warriors killed Abhimanyu in the wrong way. In this way, Drona became responsible for Abhimanyu's death.

Who killed Dronacharya in Mahabharata:

There was a great strategy behind Dronacharya Vadh. All Lord Krishna, Bhima, and Yudhisthira made one plan to kill Dronacharya on the 15th day of the Kurukshetra war. First of all, Krishna guided Yudhisthira to say like "Ashwathama Hatha, Iti Narova Kunjarova". This gives the meaning that Ashwatthama was dead. Then Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwathama. By hearing these words of Yudhishthira, Dronacharya thought his son Ashwatthama was dead and he became so sad and became weaponless. Now, this was the moment all Lord Shri Krishna god and Pandavas and Dhrishtadyumna waiting for. Because it was very tough and difficult to defeat and kill when Drona was with weapons due to his high mighty and destructive warfare power and skills.

Drona at first did not believe that his mighty warrior son did not die that much easier. So he wanted to confirm whether it was true or not, so he went to Yudhishthira and asked that Ashwatthama has really died or not because Yudhisthira would not lie never. Yudhisthira replied like this, "Yes! Ashwathama really died" because Yudhishthira knew an elephant named Ashwatthama died really.

Drona felt disheartened and become weaponless. Dhrishtadyumna was waiting for this situation so he immediately killed Dronacharya. Finally, the mighty Droacharya was killed by Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Drupada and brother of Draupadi. This is how the fall of Drona occurred.

Watch the video below to see how Dronacharya death happened:
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This all about The Story Of Dronacharya And Dronacharya Death In Mahabharata.

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