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What do you think is the best strategy made by Lord Krishna god for Pandavas victory in Mahabharata

All of we know Lord Krishna god was the entire reason for Pandavas victory in Kurukshetra. He did so many favors to Pandavas and made them survive and finally made them rule Hastinapura kingdom.

How to read vidura neethi
Vidura neethi

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Why he did all these things in favor of Pandavas:

  • Because he was born to establish dharma on the earth.
  • To make dharma win over adharma.
  • To make a good win over bad.
  • To save good people from bad people.

So he did so many plans and strategies with his powers and magic to make Pandavas win. Out of all strategies, I thought one strategy was well planned and executed by Lord Krishna god. I am going to present my thought here. Continue reading below.

Before going to the main story, Readers I want to ask you one question. Check whether you have an answer to my question in your brain.

Question: Did you ever think why Vidur in Mahabharat did not fight in Kurukshetra even though he was regarded as the prime minister of Kuru Kingdom????????

Have you ever thought about this!!!!!!!!!!!. Do you have an answer to my question!!! If you have no answer then you will get it finally after you finished reading my entire post. Ok, let's go into the real story.


Kurukshetra war was announced but Pandavas wanted peace and they did not want any destruction or violence because Kauravas were not their biggest enemies because they are their relatives only and there was brother relationship between Kauravas and Pandavas.

So Pandavas thought and came to one decision. They wanted just five villages to rule and the remaining Hastinapura kingdom would go for Kauravas only. They wanted to send Lord Krishna as an ambassador on their behalf to withdraw war. So Yudhistira narrated five names to Lord Krishna to ask Duryodhana. The five villages were Varanavaata, Kusasthala, Vrikasthala, Makandi and the fifth one was left for Kauravas choice as whatever they want to give that they like.

So Lord Krishna god went to Hastinapura as an ambassador for Pandavas to convey the Pandavas message to Kauravas. Kauravas gave a grand welcome to Lord Krishna and showed their respect for him. Duryodhana arranged a special room for Krishna to stay in Hastinapura.

Duryodhana asked Lord Krishna to stay in the room which he arranged. But Lord refused his request and wanted to stay in Vidura house. Duryodhana felt so angry and sad due to Krishna refusal. 

Readers now you all got one doubt why Krishna god refused Duryodhana request and why he wanted particularly to stay in Vidura's house even though there were good persons like Bhishma and Yuyutsu who worship Lord Krishna god very well. Now below answer would clarify your doubt and give an entire answer for the best strategy which I thought.

Next day all gathered in the King court of Kingdom including Vidura and Krishna. Suddenly Duryodhana started scolding Vidura like "He gave stay to our enemy and he is the old person and just living on the behalf of Duryodhana's royal food. He abused him with harsh words and insulted Vidura's birth and Vidura's mother character by forgetting Vidura as an elder person and even his own uncle".

By hearing these words Vidura got so much anger and picked up his bow and arrow against Duryodhana. Then Lord Krishna interfered and said like these "Oh Duryodhana don't scold Vidura like this otherwise he would break his bow and would not participate in war from your side".

Then Duryodhana said like "I do not need his support in war and I would win without his strength". After hearing this words Vidura said to Krishna like "Oh Krishna you showed me the right path and I don't want to participate in war" and he has broken his bow and went away from King court. Now I am going to reveal the exact reason why Krishna wanted to stay with Vidura in Mahabharata.

Reason: Do you know the power of Vidura's bow!!!!!!!!!!

The name of Vidura's bow is "GOVARTHAN" which was presented by Lord Vishnu to Vidura in Mahabharata. If anybody uses that bow in the war then that bow cannot be destroyed by anyone even with Arjuna's bow "GANDIVA".So Krishna wanted to stay with Vidura to make Duryodhana get angry and scold Vidura in Mahabharata. And he also gave an idea to Vidura to broke his bow by saying like this, "Vidura would break his bow and would not participate in war".

Through this strategy, he removed the biggest threat for Pandavas in war because he knew that Duryodhana would not accept to give five villages and he just wants war only. If Vidura in Mahabharata would participate in war it is more difficult for Pandavas to defeat Kauravas. So he executed his strategy with and removed Vidura's strength from the Kauravas army.

Readers I thought this as the best strategy used by Lord Krishna and shared with you. If you think any other strategies were best then leave them in the comment section to make all other people know including me.


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