Who were the 12 warriors alive after Kurukshetra war

After the completion of Kurukshetra war, only 12 warriors were survived.

They are:

1. Lord Krishna God

2. Yudhistir(Dharma Raju)

3. Bheema

4. Arjuna

5. Nakula

6. Sahadeva

7. Kripacharya:

                         Brother in law of Dronacharya and Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas for archery. He fought from Kauravas side.

8. Ashwathama:

                           He is the Son of Dronacharya. He is also known as Drauni who fought from Kauravas side.

9. Yuyutsu:

                   Yuyutsu is the son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari's maid Sugadha/Sauvali.  He fought from Pandavas side.

10. Satyaki:

                    Satyaki is also known as Yuyudhana who belongs to Lord Krishna dynasty called Yadava-Vrishni. He fought from Pandavas side.

11. Kritavarma:

                          Kritavarma also belongs to Lord Krishna dynasty but he fought from Kauravas side.

12. Vrishaketu:

                          He is the son of great warrior Karna who fought from Kauravas side.

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