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Barbarika should never be allowed to fight, grandson of Bhima


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      Mighty Bhima is the father of Gatotkacha. Gatotkacha later married to Maurvi who was the daughter of Muru, known as a Yadava king. So Barbarika was the grandson of Bhima.

       From childhood itself, Barbaric in Mahabharat learned warfare from his mother. Lord Shiva was pleased with Barbarika strength and his greatness and offered him three mighty arrows and Lord Agni offered him a bow. These three arrows and bow made Barbarika as the greatest warrior in Mahabaratha epic.

      Actually, Kurukshetra war was announced and both Pandavas and Kauravas were gathering their strength for war. Then Lord Krishna wanted to know how many days it would take for every single warrior to complete the war alone. So Krishna started enquiring and he started the great Devavrata, popularly known as Bhisma.

       Bhima said that he himself would take 20 days to complete the entire war alone. Then Karna said he would take 24 days to finish the war. Then Drona said he would need 25 days to complete. Finally, Arjuna said he requires 28 days to make war complete.

      After hearing these all statements Lord Krishna wanted to know how many days it would take for Barbarika because Lord Krishna already know that Barbarika as the greatest warrior and it was impossible to defeat him in war.

     So Krishna went to Barbarika and asked: "How many days you needed to complete Kurukshetra war". Then Barbaric in Mahabharat replied like this "Oh Lord, I need just one minute to complete the entire war". Then Krishna replied and said, "you were going to war with just three arrows then how would you finish that much of warriors with just three arrows in that to one minute". Then Barbarika said that he needed just one arrow to complete award in one minute".

    This proved that Babarika was the greatest warrior who was impossible to defeat. Then Krishna asked Barbarika on which side you want to fight in the war. Then Barbarika said that he was desiring to fight from the weak side and make them win and continued saying by seeing the strength of army I decided to war from Pandavas side because they have less army compared to Kauravas.

    But here comes the biggest problem from Barbarika to Krishna. Krishna already knows that Kauravas would get defeat in war. But if Barbarika participates in war from Pandavas side after the war was started, then due to his power Pandavas would become stronger and Kauravas would become weaker in war, then Barbarika has to shift to Kauravas side because they were now weaker side and after he has to fight against Pandavas. In this way, he could shift from both sides and destroy all army and warriors from both sides and this would result as Barbarika as the only warrior to survive at the end of the war. So no one would win in the war.

   So Krishna thought Barbarika should never be allowed to fight and wanted to stop this act and asked Barbarika's head as a charity. Then Barbarika gave his head as charity but requested one desire to Krishna. That desire was he wanted to see Kurukshetra war. So to fulfill the desire of Barbarika, Lord Krishna put the head of Barbarika on the top of hill form where whole Kurukshetra war could be seen.

   For the greatness of Barbaric in Mahabharat, Krishna praised him as the greatest warrior in Kshatriyas and granted him one boon as that he would be worshipped as a god on earth named Shyam.

   The god became famous as Khatushyam in the temple in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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